Monday, September 9, 2013

Last minute cheap air tickets - the risk and the prize

There are different ways to get cheap air tickets if you really want to travel at affordable rates. Just google the term "cheap air tickets" and you'll get tons of helpful tips that all boil down to several simple truths that can really help find what you need. Among these tips you will sometimes find two contradictory recommendations: buying early and buying late. While buying early sounds quite logic to anyone who has ever dealt with preliminary booking and knows that the earlier you book a plane, car or hotel the lower are the rates, buying late sounds a bit strange. However, it's a very common practice for all types of airlines to offer last minute deals on plane tickets they haven't managed to sell. The mechanism behind this practice is rather simple: airlines prefer making at least some money on unsold tickets rather than flying a half-empty plane. And that's exactly why last minute purchase can result in very ">cheap air tickets. But what is the risk involved with such a method of purchasing and is the prize really worth it? The risks are rather apparent, when you come to think of the situation. First of all, last minute deals may pop up within hours or even minutes before departure. This implies your full readiness for the flight, and you may even want to be at the airport already in order to reap the benefit of a last minute deal. It's really hard to imagine anyone going to the airport without having a valid ticket, actually, so this may seem like a very awkward practice, especially those who prefer having all things ready in advance. On the other hand, such cheap air tickets can add excitement to compulsive travelers who just come to the airport and pick a destination on the spot. But in any case, you will need to have your luggage ready for the trip and able to set off to the departure zone in a matter of minutes. Another obvious risk associated with last minute ticket purchasing is the availability of seats. Sure, if you're traveling alone there will usually be an empty seat on virtually any plane, unless it's the peak of the traveling season. But if you're traveling with your spouse, partner, business associate or children? The likelihood of finding at least two adjacent seats with last-minute deals is very low and you risk flying different planes with your traveling companions. It's hardly acceptable even for the least pretentious of travelers, so this might be a very bad idea. The bottom line is that last-minute ticket purchasing can only be practiced by those traveling alone, unless you really want to soak up with stress during your trip, worrying about your travel companions. And then there's the question of availability. Sure, most flights have at least a couple of empty seats before departure that are sold as last minute deals. But what if the plane is literally full and you really need to take it. This is one of the most pronounced risks when looking for cheap air tickets through last minute deals. If the timing is crucial for you and you really need to get to your destination on a precise date or hour, then buying late can be too much of a risk to assume. However, if you are flexible with your travel and can wait for another flight in case the current one is sold out, then last minute purchasing can be a really good source of cheap air tickets.

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