Monday, September 9, 2013

Singapore car rental companies

Thanks to world-famous policy of modernization in Singapore that has become one of the best-known success stories of a state-scale, today Singapore is one of the largest economic and cultural centers in the entire Asia. Millions of travelers visit this city every year and many of them use the services of car rental companies. While the general policies of these companies are mostly identical to those employed by their European or American peers, there are also certain peculiarities that the casual traveler has to bear in mind when dealing with Singaporean car rental companies. About Mileage policies There are generally two types of mileage-related pricing policies observed among the local car rental companies: limited and unlimited. Unlimited mileage is what it is: you can drive as much as you want and your fee won't have any relation to the distance driven. Limited mileage, on the other hand, has additional fees for every mile driven beyond a certain distance that you settle on with the rental service beforehand. And not always the rental companies will tell you which mileage policy they employ when get a rental car in Singapore. So make sure to inquire about this first in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later. Your own insurance is alsways better The insurance offered by rental services is often overpriced and usually doesn't have anything to do with the actual mandatory car insurance, since all cars in most countries have to carry it by default. If you don't want to buy additional insurance but still want to make sure that you're properly covered in case of an accident, make sure to inquire with your actual insurer or credit card company whether they will pay for any insurance services while you're in Singapore. Most of the bigger insurers will have no problem with that and you will only have to notify your Singapore car rental company about that. Costs of Extras Another common method used by car rental companies for pushing up the cost of their services is extras In Singapore it's quite common practice by rental services to throw in a lot of extra options without telling it to the customer. That's why you have to study the rent contract carefully before signing it - you will surely find all kinds of additional fees there like fees for different return locations, GPS navigators or additional drivers. Avoid any hidden costs by asking the rental service about all the extras they have and their cost. Better to shop around There are a lot of car rental companies in Singapore and while this may seem like a confusing factor, it's actually a very good thing if you want to save money on car rental. Fierce competition among services leads to more affordable prices - you just have to pick the best offers. Most of the car rental companies in Singapore have sites so you can easily shop around online while at home and book your car in advance. This will turn out much cheaper and you will be confident that you'll have a good car when arriving there.

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